Avatar suicune was a very powerful water bender. When he was born he got into the avatar state quiqly. And he created an island in the earth kingdom by swallowing a peninsula creating suicune island he was sent to master air bending at the age o f 5 and he returned at the age of 8 and went to the avatar state again wanting suicune island to be a part of the Water tribe the earth kingdom refuses. And he created a new move called Artic wind the move swept across the earth kingdom turning the nation into a winter wasteland for two centuries.When avatar suicune was 12 he went one mile south of suicune island freezing in the water by falling in with his ice bear the other ice bears froze him and his animal guide. he was frozen for 3500 years the other avatars that was supose to appear after he was d ead allready appeard becase the the past avatars wanted the avatar to appear all ready they waited for the right time to come and they was about to choose Avatar Roku"s time until they found out that sozin was about to rage war on the other nations until aang froze like avatar suicune when aang defrosted they waited for four

days until they saw them pass the iceberg they sent a light that flashed before ther eyes and

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Lee halfbending

they found avatar suicune. avatar suicune had a friend halfbender from the fire nation his name was Lee


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Avatar suicune waterbending

Biographical information

Suicune island

Age 80 at death
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black (white in old age)
Eye color Blue
Personal Information
Allies Past Avatars,Aang,Katara,zuko,sokka,iroh,toph,momo,appa Water Tribe
Enemies The Earth Kingdom{Former},The Fire Nation{Former}
Weapon of choice The Elements,Glider,Staff
Fighting Style(s) Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending,Energybending


He was a powerful water bender that can create waves that can swallow a planet.He was born in suicune island. he was very patient in becoming the avatar.he mastered the avatar state at the age of 11 he became a master waterbender at the

age of 5 and became a master airbender at the age of 8.

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